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tv   [untitled]    July 11, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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one of 2 mangles a long term neighborhood residents in terms of other support we have letters of support from neighbors we realized early on in our community hearing that reasonable people can disagree around the value pieces this is particular true with the valued living space with the generated space being a map of 514 connecticut go in terms of our 1998, 92 no objections for future plans we support her and wish her well here fears are speculation and her opinions of our design and the ability of them to upgrade have not but interesting we believe the recommends are up to
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the planning department in terms of where the backward space and open block pattern we have several buildings in the area that is kind of bare it depends on our prospective in the mid block the southern block as well as the eastern side of the block are looking at garages and hours that are visibly impacted at this point in the interest of time i'll actually stop and allow people to continue with their discussions >> calling for p in support of project sponsor. >> okay. not seeing any - >> dr requester you have a 2 minute rebuttal. >> all right. i'm going to speak for sue i don't have much i want to make a couple of
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corrections in 9 original speech he mentioned it was near silver avenue in the outer mission not correct and 38 feet long i believe it is a little bit over 40 i just wanted to restate that the entrance we believe is not in line of the subjects it is for you to decide the case and i would make two other longer-term comments one is that looking at this mid block open space issue i will invite you to look at it the first page of the plan the subjectsetbacks the block would be completely closed off but it is lovely in the center the other thing i'll mention i've heard a
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lot about affordable housing and without sdmish i believe the project sponsor needs to expand air home i want to comment from taking this from a 8 hundred square feet home to a 15 or 2000 i can't be sure permanently takes is it out of the affordable housing rank thank you very much. >> okay project sponsor you have a 2 minute rebuttal. >> thank you when we bought our house in 2014 i wouldn't category it as affordable we doubled down in 2009 and decided to stay in the neighborhood we are committed to the city we've had two daughters born in the city and regardless of speculation our dowel to have a house we can live in with a
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medium sielsz family in terms of we've talked about the context i've stipulated to the backyard the location and foundation with the dr requesters word to the west 8 to 10 feet up to the because of the neighborhood an mangles approximately 60 feet to the west of mangles and 10 feet heroin the gutter an mangles you have the issues related to moving a door and discussing the block space whether or not the block space fits in thank you very much. >> thank you. >> okay pub public hearing is closed openly up to commissioners commissioner richards. >> if you're lot is relatively
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level why put it up library russian river to me. >> the generated has a configuration if you look at the garage the corner the wall of the building actually goes right to the edge of that corner and that will cut off the yard as well as the floor plan in that area includes the kitchen we want to have an interior staircases in the garage so the interior floor plan will be altered thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i think that looks at - i'm trying to see if there are impacts i can identify that are significant from this expansion i mean certainly a home that is 15 hundred to 2000 secret is not excessive and it makes for a
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better family home we try to do in san francisco there seems a lot of open space between the various homes in the neighborhood a lot of space in the front of each of those homes and it appears that they're pretty good separation between the homes themselves and the adjacent homes it is a neighborhood that is pretty well spread out so you know, i can't identify any exceptional or extraordinary circumstances i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say if they feel my differently i don't see the impact commissioner moore. >> i personally think in the attempt to build a home this is sensitive to the site and the grabber i believe that what is attempted here is reasonable expansion of what we normally see the only question i'll ask
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about style we're not taking an architecture viewer from it is a personal decision beyond what we do so i believe given everything we have heard in terms of combaelg to a size that is reasonable and similar homes enlarged i appreciate the departments guidance in the early stages the project and i think we should take dr and approve the project are modifications as proposed second. >> commissioners there is a motion and a second as proposed with the modifications commissioner antonini. >> commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards
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commissioner wu commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and item 15 for case 19th street discretionary review has been withdrawn that places you commissioners on item 16 for case lake effort court a discretionary review. >> good evening devin washington located on lake forest court a new 4 story vertical addition over a sfarment that is zoned rh1 detached located opening statements on the northwest side of the lake court the project sites a relatively level lot
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with a slight lateral slope murray 24 feet wide with a lateral existing building constructed in 19 61 a defined and uniform character with two car garages due to the typography for example of buildings one street frontage but appears 3 story buildings usually at the rear it was set out for 367 notification in 2008 and a discretionary review was filed, however the dr was not sent before the planning commission and it remained in active until 2013 and renoticed no additional dr was filed but the early dr was city actually, we think that was sent back to
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the residential design team and schedule for a hearing before the planning commission comments received from the neighborhoods are uniformly opposed because of the third-story will set a president for other homes to alter the neighborhood with the creation of the project the dr requester is concerned about the alternating they feel it is a modest addition for space for elderly parents that will be moving in soon they were willing to modify the request for the planning commission to be in alignment with the guidelines but they included the neighbors will only accept variance limiting the
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requirement 9 project meets the standards of guidelines and this project didn't present any exceptional or extraordinary circumstances taller buildings can be accommodated on corner lots and setbacks are settled that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions dr requester. >> commissioner president fong and commissioners i am madeline lee any kiss kathy lien is the owner of the court and she's the requester for the discretionary review she's given me permission to speak on her behalf i will speak in first person to
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represent her from now and then i'm katherine yee i'm the owner of 15 lake effort court since 1977 i've resided ♪ house for the past 38 years 38 years ago my mom and sister and i purchased this home we share happy memories in this house until their passing, however, i enjoy living in my home evidence today, i want to thank you for the opportunity to speak to you to present my reasons for my opposition to the proposed 7 lake forest court extension project i'm opposed to the addition of a third-story in the court as cited in my circulation levitation the 4 reasons are
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blocking the conflict sunlight on the western side of my house the next is innovation of privacy and third traffic issues the fourth is changing neighborhood character in the time allocated to me i will focus on reason non-the blocking of direct sunlight and two innovation of privacy i'll leave the discussion of 3 traffic issues and parking and reason four changing the neighborhood character to my neighbors some of them have taken time off from their busy schedule to be here today i believe in our report there is a petition signed by a group of our neighbors reason one blocking of the direct sunlight commissioner you may have noticed that one of the
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unique features of the houses in lake forest court is that they very well a windows on the south western side of the house they are designed to allow direct sunlight not only second floor the entire southwestern side of the building this is possible because lake forest court is on a slope the architect take advantage of the degradation to provide direct sunlight into the entire southwestern side this is one of the most desirable features of the court that attacked any mom and sister and may i approach to making our home if this feature is taken away i'll be availed it is like being robbed of my belongings and them
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being taken away currently, i receive a full sunlight on the south western side of my building as you can see in the photograph include in the application page 4 and 5 in front of you the sunlight comes in through the bedroom and kitchen windows on the second floor and the 3 windows and family room on the frown floor it covers approximately half of the total living space if this feature to which i am rightfully entitled to say taken away from me one the immediate financial impacts will be the increase of lighting and heating costs at this point, i can't imagine the psychological impact on a fixed income all i see it
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increased financial burden so for those reasons i ask for the forest lake project and reason number two i think vacation of privacy commissioners my bedroom and kitchen located on the south western side of my building which is next to the north eastern side of the court the building with 6 feet apart from the proposed windows on 7 lake forest court people have a perfect view of my bedroom and have a floor above my window i will have no privacy >> thank you, ma'am your time is up. >> i'll open up for public comment for project sponsors support. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm david i live at lake forest court i'm
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objecting because of the nature of los angeles forest and they're all two second floor homes an additional increases the congestion for cyclists and south setting a persistent in the neighborhood i support the discretionary review and support contacting lens prospective this is going to drastically effect hereby day to day and we have plenty of light and see sunlight it is - those rooms in sunlight are 5 degrees or so warmer with no sunlight we'll be lost
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i have letters from 4 of my neighbors from the neighborhood in support of the discretionary review thank you. >> good evening thank you for the opportunity i'm in support of kathleen discretionary review and primarily again, i'm in agreement with david density of the neighborhood and the changing of the character and this can set a president for other third floor additions so the only parking available for not in front of homes is long park oak drive there are
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cars parked along the park drive in the non-homeland sections so being that those streets are quite narrow if you have parkingal along park oak drive and cars in front of of the oak park drive residents having you have a dangerous situation for emergency vehicles there's a stop sign it is hard to see the stop sign at devonshire and park you have a bad view minus the safety issue as well as a density issue and any time you have an increase in bedrooms an increase in parking and more cars those are my comments thank you. >> thank you is there any
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additional public comment in support of dr requester okay project sponsor you have 56 minutes our team has 5 minutes. >> good evening, commissioners john on here on behalf of the project sponsor justin has lived on lake forest for 25 years he currently lives with with his wife and children he has 3 modest sized bedrooms a combined living room and kitchen and second family space on the garage level i think if i can get the monitor justin is prototyping it to accommodate two parents that want to live in the home and this is consistent of new floor area and this is an idea this is the
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rendering so set back two parents i want to point out that is a real family that accommodates a real san francisco family not just a talking point he can't achieve them this without a third-story this is only one consul space and puts a bedroom feet away if a garage this will encroachment in the removal of outdoor space that's not appropriate the project is consistent with the residential guidelines and again as a remainder yoet from a building can be i think capable with smaller buildings and it incorporates the residential guidelines for an additional story the celebrate it is 15
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feet from the front property line and it eliminates all building parapets and provides a smoking roof resign there is limited up slope the dr requester and the project it once construction three to four tailor. >> a healthy 3 inch gap a decent amount of space with respect to the privacy two small windows on that facade of the building so really not out of place for you know a building addition and an existing dense urban environment some concerns the fact no other homes on the block with a third-story i want to point out 3 story homes in
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the area is not uncommon if i can get the overhead here's the project only a couple of doors down with 3 story building granted not on the same block that is not uncommon in the area and more importantly than that this is not a neighborhood where district preservation of the patterns trump the availability for access housing from the preservation staff determines the neighborhood is not a significant district and the area was built in 1960s one of the last neighborhoods in san francisco it is recently by san francisco standards and appropriate to further accommodate families today justin is not a developer in fact one the commissioners he
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is a dentist so this is not a big time development it is a guy it is expanding his home to accommodate his family and i don't need to remind you guys the city has made construction of family sized homing a chance to have affordable housing in closing we believe that a third-story recommendations of the guidelines that's 8 hundred plus does not mediating lead to exceptional or extraordinary circumstances and we request you not take dr and here for questions thank you. >> thank you any public comment in support of project sponsor seeing none, dr requester a two minute rebuttal if you like.
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>> commissioners we standing in front of you you know this house has been my sister's home for the last it's been a long time for 38 years i hope that you will look at this and you know not just making our decision just on the technical rules and regulations but having to take a look at at impact on her psychologically and she's a retiree and on a fixed income and you know this is the only home she has all this time and should be staying in there for the rest of her life take into consideration
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those points not just on the technical rules and regulations thank you. >> thank you project sponsor. >> i was like to make one point today is configurations is reflective where we are in the last 10 years gained hundred thousand people in population the city is bulging we need to get more and more creative to maintain the existing population of the city while allowing for growth for others as well i will emphasized this is a great opportunity to do just that to add a modest addition to help a san francisco family stay in the city with modest impacts on its neighbors with that the public hearing portion is closed. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i think it should be fine loans there's no dental
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chair in the house but talk the impacts there is a change of the elevation on lake effort it goes up and the enclosure to not only the project house but also the home with the dr requester is a southeast exposure so pretty good light coming of the addition is there it didn't interfere with the sun most of the year which would be either from the east or south and there's some pretty good setbacks the addition a 15 feet and the homes are 2nd district the fronted 24 feet and so maybe that's the third-story celebrate
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by without it there are significant setbacks so i be given those factors there is not a significant impact i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say. >> commissioner moore. >> this is difficult topic was the neighborhood it's lay out including the hours are quiet in a different group of homes what is a typical san francisco home in a typical san francisco it is a suburban 1960s types of neighborhood the homes started as track homes with a common understanding for restrictions by which people will not alter their homes relative to each other and that's part of what the suburban living is particular single-family homes of this village charge has and
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advantages but you used to be with respect to the neighborhoods where we have a variety of the sbts and arguments everything is different here the similarity i use the word sameness requires us to look at 24 a contributor to the quality of life and how they move forward the residential design team looking at a building one by one has a much more difficult time it needs to be looked at the heart and context as a whole here you start to make changes that are impacting i'm not going on to the original premise there were cc&rs that basically pretend any structure of homes
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in order to maintain the overall quality as expressed in one of the pages i assume the commissioners read i'm not making this up over time as the neighborhood stayed stable the homes stayed unchanged an issue, however, the cc&rs expired a person lived here for 38 years is almost from the beginning when this family bought the home if i lived there would found catastrophic i have to be honest i believe that the emission is not interesting designed that's my comment we're not talking about the details of the architecture but the i believe that something has not